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3 months ago
RPG Server

Watch Out! Exciting news is on the way!
 So, the Staff Team have been discussing a lot lately and we have decided that we will add a RPG Server to CosmosMC!
Ever since Turn resigned as Owner and made I, Jikataku, and w0llee/LimeStone Owners, we have been sharing ideas and we have come to the conclusion of making this happen! This new server will contain Vampirism, Werewolf Infections, and even Magic! We will have spells, custom spells, and more! We will also be adding "Zodiac Wizards" that will be selected through out the year and will have plenty of time to train before the Grand Magic Games! These games are held at the end of each year where either Zodiac Wizards will be selected, their apprentices will be selected, or just a large battle between them and each year we will do different games of all the same difficulty until a final Battle to the Death!
Have fun!
       ~Sincerely, Jikataku :: The Owner :: <3

4 months ago
[ACCEPTED] Staff App

Do you understand that asking a staff member about your application means an instant rejection of your application: Yes

First name: I don't put my realname in anything.. But people call me "Mars" irl..

Discord Name & tag (example: w0llee#4859): AxolotlPaw#8158

IGN: AxolotlFurry_

Age: 16

Timezone/Country: EST // Canada

Current Rank: Member

Why do you want to be staff at CosmosMC: I would like to help it get bigger, better, and more popular

How often can you be online (in game, on the website or discord): In game, I can be on daily. The website? Not so much. Discord, I can be on pretty often

Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?: I speak English, but I am also pretty good at understanding French. I am "OK" at Spanish, just not the best.

Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server?: Yes, but it was only to test commands

Have you got experience in being staff before?: I've been every rank on many different servers

How long have you been playing on the server?: Just joined, but I know it pretty well now

Where are you most active on the server?: Factions

How many hours can you contribute per day?: Around 4-8 (Sometimes less, sometimes more)

What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them?: Be calm, be gentle, and try to understand that the younger they are, the easier you have to go. Just try and have as much patience as possible.

Are you able to record?: Yes, but with Bandicam -3-

Do you have any skills/experience in the following (CSS, HTML, PHP, Java, Linux, ect.) – Im sorry, I do not. I mostly just calm down chat and deal with hackers

How many CosmosMC staff applications have you made before?: First one right here!

What is the date of the last application you made?: Today

How did you find this server?: Server surfing/Looking through a list

Anything else we should know?: I can build pretty well so if you also need me as a builder, I'm open!