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IGN: LythixMC
by LythixMC » 4 months ago
As one of the rightful owners I have a mission to control the server and make it have a good time.
Right now, I am failing with that. I kinda abandoned the project for myself temporarily because I didn't have a lot of time and lost the most of my motivation. But now I am back on track. I am no longer suffering depression like I used to. I got to know I had a twin brother. And he came home to us. Now he lives here. So I got so happy and completely forgot my dead brother Ramon. But now, I remember him. But the depression isn't coming back. Because I have someone to cover it up. So now I feel that I can get my motivation back and continue to work on this project. We need to get this server running again. That's all I have to say.

''A man is nothing with a empty soul'' - Liam Gingsjo