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IGN: Jikataku
by Robin » 5 months ago
Watch Out! Exciting news is on the way!
 So, the Staff Team have been discussing a lot lately and we have decided that we will add a RPG Server to CosmosMC!
Ever since Turn resigned as Owner and made I, Jikataku, and w0llee/LimeStone Owners, we have been sharing ideas and we have come to the conclusion of making this happen! This new server will contain Vampirism, Werewolf Infections, and even Magic! We will have spells, custom spells, and more! We will also be adding "Zodiac Wizards" that will be selected through out the year and will have plenty of time to train before the Grand Magic Games! These games are held at the end of each year where either Zodiac Wizards will be selected, their apprentices will be selected, or just a large battle between them and each year we will do different games of all the same difficulty until a final Battle to the Death!
Have fun!
       ~Sincerely, Jikataku :: The Owner :: <3

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